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Mentally Strong

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Available March 2021

This book is for anyone who wants to take better control of their mind and their life.  If you are interested in strengthening and transforming your mindset, this is the perfect book for you.  We all tend to live our life trapped in our own minds, often accepting that it is okay to live the way we do even if we are unhappy with our lives and the decisions we have made.  

In this book, you will learn step-by-step strategies that are backed up by science and that will raise your confidence while removing the blockages you have created in your mind.  Your current way of thinking will be challenged, and it will be transformed through awareness and self-control.  And, while you grow, your eyes will be open to a brand-new range of possibilities where the unattainable and unimaginable become a reality. 

This book will forever change the way you think, and lead you to live a more peaceful, and joyful life by learning to take control of your life and the decisions you make.  

INCLUDES: 10-week proactive Mental Training Program

Freddy Sandoval MM HR., is the founder and CEO of The Choice to Believe. Internationally renowned as one of the best mental coaches for transforming people's mentalities. In 2012, he developed a proactive, high-awareness, self-control, and action-based mental training program that has led hundreds of people to transform their lives and become the best version of themselves.